The Other - without fear, favor or prejudice

an ordinary life becomes extraordinary

History - The southern African region has undergone a period of
momentous change as the region, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana,
Namibia and South Africa, freed themselves from the yoke of
Social Justice - However, as always, what has this change
meant to ordinary human beings? Is there social justice?
This biography - written by a High Court Judge, Chris Greenland, it traces the life of
one such person in an intriguing, captivating journey of life. It is a truly
enthralling journey as improbable history is made. The magic
of Africa is ever present, and its animals play starring roles.
Truth - However, throughout the reader is kept challenged on the basis of truth.
There is a concern with the propagation of convenient untruths and
the suppression of inconvenient truths . See "Some Questions" below.
Justice and its subsets of racism, ethnicity and xenophobia are served up for
keen consideration. So too as regards the issue of systemic hypocrisy and
It is a story involving drama, in the courtroom, in the wilds of Africa ...
and in ordinary life.
There is intriguing new treatment of subjects such as criminal trial
procedure and punishment, including the death penalty, whipping,
infanticide and the so called "right to silence" (5th Amendment in the US).
This is a "must read" for everyone and particularly those involved in social
justice and human rights.


eBook - for Europe/Africa


Whether you are a historian, social scientist, a judge, advocate, lawyer or other member of the legal fraternity, student of law, human rights activist, one of millions in the Zimbabwe Diaspora, southern African citizen or member of the US National Association of Coloured Peoples, in particular, this book will engage, fascinate and enthrall. It is also of keen relevance to all humanity, whose members are forever challenged in matters of truth and justice.
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History Foretold

When I published the book, in 2010, I could never have imagined that it's impact statement would soon be vindicated in Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries. The impact statement says that an ordinary life becomes extraordinary, so as to be meaningful to others and to make a difference, if truth is pursued. The insistence is that if ordinary folk reject the well established culture around propagating convenient untruth and suppressing inconvenient truth, then social justice has the best chance of achievement .

I could also not have imagined that the book would be vindicated by the Tump regime and the Alt-Right phenomenon that really is committed to having a world where many are treated as "Others".

I'm for truth, no matter who tells it; I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against.

Malcolm X



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